Monster Diesel

Economic Benefits

Monster Diesel™ is so powerful that it’s truly portable premium diesel. One quart contains the energy equivalent of 25 gallons of diesel fuel, this additive is truly energy in a bottle! Here’s what you’ll see when you start using Monster Diesel™:

  • Reduces diesel consumption by as much as 15%
  • Boosts diesel fuel's energy by 10% for increased power and mileage per gallon
  • Reduces metal to metal engine wear and friction by as much as 40%, to reduce down time
  • Winterizes diesel fuel to allow low temperature operation, preventing gelling and eliminating the need for expensive #1 diesel fuel
  • Boosts the cetane number by 12.5%--twice the boost of premium gas over regular
  • Eliminates engine knock
  • Provides corrosion control in the fuel system
  • Supplements fuel to make up for the loss in lubricity that occurs when using ultra low sulfur diesel fuel
  • Extends the life of your engine