Monster Diesel

Environmental Benefits

In the United States alone, some 10+ million vehicles, including diesel powered trucks, buses, and boats, consume 24 billion gallons of fuel annually. Monster DieselTM reduces emissions and increases mileage per gallon by as much as 15% when added to regular diesel fuel. The result: lessened environmental impact.

  • Lowers emissions by 23%
  • Decreases soot by 38%
  • Decreases raw hydrocarbons by 10.2%
  • Reduces NOX levels
  • Improves combustion efficiencies in year round operations
  • Changes black exhaust to white by establishing and maintaining the engine's original fuel
  • injection pattern to burn the fuel more completely

"The world will require 50% more energy in 2030 than it did in 2005...almost all of which will be derived from synthetic and bio fuel sources."-December 19, 2008 EIA, International Energy Outlook 2008Monster Dieselâ„¢ has the power to reduce crude oil dependent diesel fuel consumption by as much as 15% while requiring no crude oil to produce. Imagine the impact.