Monster Diesel

Frequently asked questions

What does Monster Diesel do in diesel engines?

Monster Diesel is a multipurpose additive that improves mileage and over all performance, extends fuel components and engine life, and reduces downtime as well as maintenance costs to increase the customer's production and profit margins.

How do I benefit by putting Monster Diesel in my tanks when I fuel-up?

You will immediately hear a reduction in engine knock and noise, feel increased power, and notice a significant difference in the color of your exhaust. The dark exhaust often emitted by diesel vehicles contains high quantities of soot - unburned fuel that the engine has not processed completely. The genius of Monster Diesel is that it enables the engine to have a cleaner, more complete combustion cycle, utilizing what would be wasted fuel (soot) and harnessing it for additional fuel as it was intended. The result is up to a 15% increase in MPG, 10% Power and Energy increase, 23% lower emissions with a 38% reduction in soot. In addition, Monster Diesel provides all of the benefits offered by other diesel additives - increased lubricity, decreased gel point, and fuel stabilization properties (for extended storage stability).

Can Monster Diesel hurt my engine or affect my warranty?

Absolutely not! Monster Diesel has been put through over one million miles of testing under all road conditions, and has been used by trucking companies - several have used Monster Diesel for up to two years. Monster Diesel has never had a negative effect on a diesel engine, and will not void any manufacturer's warranties. We are registered with the EPA, #175220148.

How does Monster Diesel work?

Monster Diesel reduces engine delay, and provides the same power while using less fuel. It Includes efficient and effective detergents that keep diesel affected components clean and functioning at their best, resulting in a consistent, cleaner, more complete combustion cycle.

Is Monster Diesel Patented?

The proprietary formula of Monster Diesel has been filed, and is currently patent pending.

Treatment Table

Gal of Diesel Fuel to Treat? Ounces of Additive Required

2 to 8 gallons 1 oz

8 to 16 gallons 2 oz

16 to 32 gallons 4 oz

32 to 48 gallons 6 oz

48 to 64 gallons 8 oz

64 to 80 gallons 10 oz

If your diesel fuel tank is larger than what is listed above, use 1 ounce of Monster Diesel for every 8 gallons. 1 to 1000 treatment ratio

Does it improve the lubricity and reduces metal to metal wear of the ULSD fuel?

Yes, Monster Diesel improves the lubricity so that metal-to-metal contact is minimized. Wear Scar Diameter testing shows a 40% reduction in metal-to-metal wear and tear, and up to a 57% reduction in the Shell Four-Ball Wear Test.

Does Monster Diesel winterize my fuel?

Yes, Monster Diesel makes subzero operations possible - up to -20 degrees Fahrenheit - eliminating the need for costly #1 diesel fuels. Because Monster Diesel negates gelling, it also reduces all cold weather start-up issues.

How does Monster Diesel increase my MPG?

There are a few reasons diesel engines that use Monster Diesel can achieve up to a 15% increase in MPG. Most significantly, our patented technology (created by Dr. Mat Zuckerman) is 50% of our formula. The patented Monster Diesel formula has been tested and proven to increase the BTU value of untreated diesel fuel- from its average of 17,500 to 19,250 - resulting in an increase of power and energy. Monster Diesel also corrects dirty injection spray patterns to what manufacturers intended by cleaning all fuel related engine parts, As well as harnessing that 38% of soot particulates that would be pollutants. Together, this allow your diesel engine to function at its best.

Will Monster Diesel help with fuel storage conditions?

Yes, Monster Diesel improves fuel stability in tanks most by reducing Auto Oxidation and suspended water.

How does Monster Diesel lower emissions by 23%?

Because Monster Diesel enables a cleaner, more complete combustion cycle in your diesel engine, your engines utilizing what an incomplete or short combustion cycle would normally expel as waste. The result is a 10.2% reduction in raw hydrocarbons and a 38% reduction in soot with a total reduction of emissions by 23%.

How does Monster Diesel correct the injector spray pattern?

Monster Diesel contains an effective detergent that cleans ALL fuel related engine parts.

What does Monster Diesel do to cetane number of the fuel?

In accordance with ASTM 0613, Monster Diesel shows a proven increase of approximately 12% (6.4 numbers) in cetane over an untreated diesel. This improvement results in a significant reduction in engine knock.