Monster Diesel


"The first thing I noticed was the considerable difference in power in my diesel pickup when using Monster Diesel."

- Steve W., Fallston , MD

"My 1980 Mercedes is performing like a different car since I started using Monster Diesel. I can drive on the freeway and not only keep up with traffic but pass cars as well."

- Dr. John S., Los Angeles, CA

"Monster Diesel improved our fuel mileage and saved our company money. I will not run our trucks without Monster Diesel in the tank."

- Clem B., Nashville, TN

"The stuff works amazing in cold temperatures"

- Garth F., Plattsburgh, NY

To Expedition Equipment:

I am writing to share some feedback with you regarding Monster Diesel. I run a one vehicle propane operation in Maricopa County near Scottsdale Arizona. The area is quite hilly and many of our clients are on some pretty steep grades.

My driver began to report a consistent loss of power over hills, and an inability to get up some of the steeper ones altogether: "…it got so bad the truck would start shaking violently. The transmission was howlin' and protestin'. I had to pull over 'cause I couldn't make it to the crest." I initially considered buying a new truck, but with the economy being what it is, had to face my second option: exploratory maintenance costs (not to mention the cost of the repairs themselves) that could run into the thousands.

At first we thought it might be the injectors, but not experiencing some of the usual rough running that usually comes with that problem. It was a mystery. We even thought it might be the transmission.

After telling this to a mutual friend, he suggested I try Monster Diesel as a cheap first step.

When I suggested this to my driver, his first response was, "…what is this magic snake oil!" His pessimism was understandable considering the magnitude of the problem, but with nothing to lose we tried it anyway.

After two tanks (for us that is about 10 days), my driver reported that the power gradually began to come back and the truck was performing as it had when it was new.

"…I don't know what's in this stuff, but it fixed the truck."

I will use Monster Diesel from now on.

- Doug Busche, Mariposa Propane